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See below for our current print pricing.

Professional Creative? You may be eligible for industry pricing.

Contact Us for more information and to register.

Prints & Enlargments

Lustre Paper

Border/No Border

Musuem Grade

4x4  0.70*

6x4  0.95*

5x5  $1.10*

5x7 $1.35*

6x6  $1.35*

6x8 $2.00*

8x8  $4.50

8x10  $6.60

8x12  $8.80

*Bulk rates will be applied at checkout for 30+ prints

11x14  $22.00

12x12  $22.00

12x18  $38.50

16x16  $38.50

12x24  $49.50

16x24  $50.00

20x20  $50.00

20x30  $75.00

24x36  $90.00

Fine Art Prints

Cotton RAG Paper

Torn or Hand Cut

Archival Quality

Hand cut with border

5x5 $3.05

6x4  $3.05

6x6 $4.10

5x7  $4.10

6x8  $7.50

8x10  $17.30

8x12  $19.50

*Minimum orders, see FAQ for details. Enlargements available via store, starting at $44.

Torn Edge border

5x5 $3.95

6x4  $3.95

6x6 $5.30

5x7  $5.30

6x8  $9.25

8x10  $23.00

8x12  $26.00

* Minimum orders, see FAQ for details. Torn Edge Enlargements not available.

Art Mounts

Lustre Paper

White or Charcoal

Carefully packaged

6x4 print (6x8 total size)  $11

5x7 print (8x10 total size) $13.50

6x8 print (9x11 total size) $15.50

8x10 print (11x14 total size) $20

8x12 print (12x16 total size) $22

Art Mounts are cut to standard sizes, ready to mount in most stock size frames or suitable for professional framing.

Custom sizes not available.

Personalised Puzzles

Semi-gloss finish

Made in Australia

Boxed and ready

36 piece puzzle -30x30cm: $33

60 piece puzzle -42x30cm: $33

500 piece puzzle - 45x50cm: $44

1000 piece puzzle - 71.5x53cm: $66

Sourced by us, made and packaged in Australia.

Puzzles take 7-10 business days to be sourced and sent.