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All things Albums

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Since buying this business in 2018, we have learnt so much from our clients and friends. We could have jumped straight in, changed everything and added a whole bunch of new products from the get go, but we decided it was best to sit back and listen for a while.

A few things that we now know: You love that we are two very real humans, that we reply to your emails and DMs quickly and with kindness, you LOVE Fine Art paper more than chocolate and that you wish we did Albums! The kindness comes easy to us, the Fine Art paper is definitely never leaving the menu, but the Albums - that took a bit of thinking.

As just a little business (literally Harley and myself in our home office, tripping over Ellie the Greyhound), we simply don't have the resources to start binding our own lay flat albums - even though we wish we could. Instead, we had to get crafty and find a really simple and useful way to get those albums into your hands. So what have we done?

Well, we now have two ways in which you can access Albums through The Pro Print Lab - HOORAY! Let's talk through them:

1. We are now offering a custom design service to all of our professional creatives and their clients. This means you can offload the task of sourcing and designing your professional lay flat albums to us. We will gather and size all of your images, design your album (with one round of changes on us!), send it for print, communicate with the manufacturer, chase the postie and then sent it straight to your letterbox without you having to do much at all. We believe this service will be a great one to access during the busy wedding season or when you are working your second job alongside your thriving photography business. Prices start at $275 and is currently only available for clients who are printing professional photography (images must be submitted at 300dpi).

2. For a simpler and more budget friendly alternative, we have a range of ready-made Linen Albums in both mounted and flush mount styles for everyone to access. These albums can be printed and finished right here in our little office, and are a great way for the general public to access a high quality album using both professional and/or everyday photographs. Prices start at $130 for an 8x8 Album including prints.

We hope you find that one of these options can make your life a little easier, your photos a little more beautiful and perhaps your photography packages a little more deluxe. We have worked really hard to come up with a solution for those of you hunting for albums, so if you have any further suggestions or questions please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

To sign off, we will leave you with our 'Top 3 reasons to invest in an Album', either for yourself or your clients:

1. Photographs are meant to be experienced. Do you remember visiting your parents or grandparents house over the years and spending an afternoon flipping through old photo albums? Enjoying the nostalgia and laughing at all the dorky outfits you once wore (thanks Mum!). This is the essence of experiencing a photo and an album is the perfect keepsake to help you do that.

2. Photographs need to be cared for, if you want them for the long run. We print only on fully archival, high quality paper, but prints still require care if they are going to last generations into the future. By preserving them in an album or a frame, you are ensuring your kids and grandkids will get to enjoy them in the future as much as you enjoy them today.

3. As the person taking the photos, we promise there is nothing more enjoyable that seeing a high quality, custom designed album full of your work. It's the biggest pat on the back you can find.